As I loaded up the car last night with what would be the final load of stuff inside my old house, I felt a mix of emotions;  The satisfaction that the job was complete and gratitude for my years there.

This was the 9th house I've lived in during my life (add some dorms and apartments during college too), but this was my first in my life reset that came four years ago.

As my son's mom and I determined that divorce was where we needed to go, the end of that marriage after 13 years meant a lot of "new" experiences.  I would be setting my own home, with my own unique choices and tastes, and new budgetary realities.

The chores that had taken on a natural alignment during our marriage would now be completely mine.  My son would be living in two homes, and the desire to figure out what his transitions would look like, unify rules and bedtimes, routines, etc., and create a comfortable bedroom that had some familiarity between his two residences were strong.

Jeff Connell - Townsquare Media Boise
Jeff Connell - Townsquare Media Boise

Even finding the home itself was a challenge.  As we divorced, we were in the process of trying do a mortgage modification on a house we had owned in Seattle.  The loan had been sold several times, and the new company had offered terms that would have been nearly impossible even when we were a dual-income household.  It wasn't even in the realm of possibility with me going solo, so that meant a foreclosure process, and made me a very "unappealing" renter.

My time in this house started with an incredible landlord who took the step to get to know me and understand my situation.  It moved to Christmases that launched new traditions, lost teeth (and a Tooth Fairy that *sometimes* ran a day or two late), backyard camping trips, basketball in the driveway, and even my dad living with us for several months earlier this year.

The possessions have moved four miles east as have the residents, and I do believe "home" is where your heart and those you love are, so I'm excited for what's next, and simultaneously grateful for what a great "home" this one was.  It will forever be the setting of many great memories.

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