It's an area we want to keep clean, enjoy with our friends and family and continue to improve for future generations. We are lucky to have such a pretty river that runs right through town. Unfortunately after the first weekend of floating a local snapped a photo at the take-out and it was disheartening to see.

Thomas Robbins was riding his bike to work when he came across this scene:

Charene Herrera TSM
Photo courtesy of Thomas Robbins

The trash is stacked up, at least a lot of it made it into the trash cans (although overflowing) and folks have left used flotation devices all around. Of course I always say if you see the need do the deed and help keep it clean if you can BUT if we can spread the word to be extra vigilante of cleaning up I think that is a helpful tool as well.

We have so many great reasons to spend time outdoors but lets make sure we are packing out what we take in or on the water.


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