There's no doubt that bullying is a huge issue these days. Whether it be in schools or cyber bullying, it's a topic that has gotten more and more attention in recent years.

I absolutely love the Kind Campaign and what it stands for. It's a non-profit that brings awareness to girl-on-girl bullying and the lasting, negative effects that it has on young people. They visit schools all across the country and gather in assemblies as a part of their global movement.

I also love that schools on a local level are now doing things to help with the issue.
A group of first-graders at Galileo STEM Academy in Eagle have created a special club centered on trying to make the world a better place.
They call themselves the “Kind Kids Club.” How perfect is that?!
They focus on working hard to be kind every chance they get. According to KTVB, teacher and Club Leader, Jolynn Aldinger said getting into the club isn't easy.
Students have to do ten random acts of kindness to get into the club. It can be saying thank you, holding a door open for someone, sharing a smile, or picking up trash. Any opportunity you have to show kindness and take the extra step to make someone feel good.

Way to go kiddos!!

Find out more about the Kind Campaign HERE!

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