Mike & Nicole's Everyday Hero: Zelda Lehosit
I’m naming Zelda Lehosit, a Meridian hairstylist, as a Mike & Nicole’s Everyday Hero for something she did last weekend.
You may recognize the name, Jason Hammond. He is the Treasure Valley man that was injured in the Las Vegas shooting a few weeks ago. He...
First Graders in Eagle Spread Kindness in Kind Kinds Club
There's no doubt that bullying is a huge issue these days. Whether it be in schools or cyber bullying, it's a topic that has gotten more and more attention in recent years.
I absolutely love the Kind Campaign and what it stands for. It's a non-profit that brings awareness to girl-on-gi…
The Gift Of Kindness: Paying It Forward
Last week, I was reminded of why this time of year is so special.  My son and I went to donate toys for Mike & Nicole The Christmas Elves, dropped off our gifts at Metro PCS, and then grabbed food at Applebee's on Eagle Road.

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