I've been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks; I'm so grateful for kindness and people going out of their way to help others out. 

There have been a few instances of this for me as I was preparing to move to a new house.

Our receptionist Cindy started to save any good boxes that came into the office.  We never discussed it, she just did it, and it made a big difference for me.

Speaking of boxes, Moug gave me his from his move to the Treasure Valley.  This saved me the trouble of cruising town to try to find enough boxes in good shape to get them for free.

My mom and dad, who have already gone way out of their way to help me out this year (my dad commuted in from Seattle for seven months as I covered mornings) offered to come over to help do cleanup and repair on my old house.

My best friend really went big though as he took breaks between working to come over and help me with day one of the moving process, and then gave me his entire day today to get things wrapped up.

We were lifting and moving crazy awkward and heavy furniture and did two trips plus returned the uHaul.  In the process, we had some great conversation and some time to chill too, and I appreciate those moments more than I can even communicate.

There is good and generosity all around us.  This weekend just really reminded me of that fact as the move was front-and-center.


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