Today is unofficially known as World Kindness Day! While you should try to spread kindness to others everyday, challenge yourself to go out of your way and be extra kind today by doing a random act of kindness. Not only does being kind make others feel better, but it also makes ourselves feel better on the inside. Kindness is also contagious and can easily inspire people to reciprocate that same energy back into the world. What comes around goes around!

I've listed 25 different acts of kindness below. There should be at least one that will resonate with you and make you want spread some positivity around.

1. Pay for someone's order behind you in the drive-thru

2. Compliment a stranger

3. Send someone flowers

4. Do a loved-ones laundry or chores for them

5. Donate your old clothes

6. Donate to local food banks

7. Buy your co-worker lunch

8. Cook for your neighbor

9. Pay for someone's gas at the pump or leave a gift card

10. Write a nice note

11. Venmo a friend $10

12. Hold the door open for someone

13. Let someone merge in front of you

14. Return shopping carts in parking lots

15. Leave a huge tip at a restaurant

16. Purchase cat or dog food for The Idaho Humane Society

17. Reach out to an old friend or family member you've talked to recently

18. Let someone cut in front of you in line

19. Pick up trash and litter you see

20. Leave a positive review for a business

21. Leave money at the vending machine

22. Pick up an extra shift at work for someone

23. Let someone know they inspire you

24. Pay a bill for a loved one

25. Order UberEats for someone

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