More now than ever, it should be illegal and punishable by fine to shoot off fireworks before the 4th of July in the Treasure Valley.

For some reason, this afternoon marked the kickoff of fireworks season in my quaint Meridian neighborhood. I'm no buzzkill, certainly not the fun police but it's 2021; more than ever, people are working from home. My wife is a therapist and much of her work currently is from home, via tele-health. The problem isn't just the fireworks going off. It's all the things that get triggered because of it; dogs barking as not only a distraction, but causing unnecessary anxiety for our four-legged friends... Is the fourth not enough? Car alarms going off as a result of the vibration caused by the explosions of fireworks... Is the fourth not enough?

I'm not trying to be the neighborhood Karen or anything, but honestly... Fireworks are really for like 90% visual enjoyment, and 10% audible enjoyment, if that. And unfortunately, when there are illegal fireworks being blasted off in a suburban neighborhood, it shows blatant disregard for others' sleep, work and calm nature of their home... (Sidebar: I am being a Karen! 18 year-old me would be highly disappointed, but I digress) It's just not time yet. It's over one hundred degrees, dry as the Sahara outside and aerial fireworks have no place in suburban neighborhoods, ESPECIALLY before the actual holiday. All that to say, I think this should be punishable by FINE and that parents should absolutely be held one hundred percent responsible for their kids' indiscretions. Unfortunately, often times, it's the adults causing the issue!

Can I speak to YOUR manager now?

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