One of the first Holiday-ish things that I enjoyed in the Treasure Valley when they first started doing them regularly is the incredible light display at the Scentsy commons in Meridian off of Eagle Road. It is hard to miss when driving by at night and draws attention. I can tell you from experience though that driving by it on Eagle road and actually walking through the tunnel and among the bright colorful lights and displays are quite different.

Scentsy Lights, Photo by Nikki West

If you want to really make a night of it, I suggest adding some hot chocolate to the fun. The first year my man and I got Hot Chocolate from Krispy Cream across the street and shared a set of earbuds and with us each having one earbud of Christmas music we moseyed around and enjoyed the lights. My son has come with us the last few years and loves the hot chocolate that we grab or make beforehand and tunnel of lights.

Scentsy Lights Tunnel, Photo by Nikki West

Scentsy just turned on the annual holiday lights event that is free to the public. When stretched out there are about 45 miles worth of holiday lights on display. They are always set up a little differently too, making it fun for the visitors like us who come year after year. Last year they added this massively impressive color changing tree.

Scentsy Lights Tree, Photo by Nikki West

Even with a new and impressive feature it is hard to beat the crowd favorite and certainly the selfie and photo favorite. The light tunnel. According to Only in Your State, "The main attraction at Scentsy Commons is the light tunnel. This 250-foot-long tunnel is definitely a crowd pleasure. After all, there are few things as magical as walking through a tunnel comprised completely of colorful lights."

Scentsy Lights Tunnel, Photo by Nikki West

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