Why Dogs are Freaked Out By Fireworks
If your dog is anything like mine, she'll be hiding under the bed for another ten days or so, until the possibility of hearing the pop of a firecracker is gone. There are four big reasons why dogs are not fans of the 4th of July.
How to Calm Your Dog's Nerves During Fireworks
Dogs just don't understand Independence Day. We know the loud booms and bangs are to show how much we love our freedom, but dogs must think the world is caving in and they're about to get some shrapnel right in the hiney. We've got some ways to help calm the doggie jitters.
Ada County say over 400 Calls for Illegal Fireworks
This is just unbelievable. It is illegal in the state of Idaho to have aerial fireworks, and yet people still bring them into the state and fire them off. Yesterday during your Fourth Of July celebration you more than likely saw, or maybe even heard some fireworks that are strictly prohibited w…

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