Well it got me and now I am staying awake at night watching it. This show started 10 years ago and for that long I have missed out on references and talks but now I am more in the loop.

Game of Thrones just ended and I am just now starting it. The first thing I recognized sadly is Joe Jonas' wife Sophie Turner, but then again that is the business I work in. I will be honest it was not easy starting to watch it which I have tried before and just didn't get into it. Too much sex and blood but I told myself that I am going to make it through the first season and I did and now onto season 3! It just took me a minute to get into it and then I was hooked. Now I am not watching it without peeling my eyes away, I have been multi-tasking and watching it so I have missed some things.

I am not wanting it to take up too much time but it has been fun watching it! I wonder what I am in for.


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