Married couple and Idaho newspaper carriers Donna and Dane Correll got up early Monday morning just like always to deliver papers. But something happened that morning that changed their lives forever. They were shot at while on their normal route outside of Lapwai according to our friends at KTVB. The FBI are working this ongoing investigation.

Unfortunately it was too dark to tell where the shots were coming from, which I can only imagine would make the incident even more frightening. The couple reversed directions and headed back into town to contact Nez Perce authorities after they realized they were under fire.

After further investigation three bullets were found to have entered their truck. Both Donna and Dane are grateful neither of them were injured. A Nez Perce police officer confirmed the shooting took place but gave no further details.

If you have any details on the shooting that took place you're encouraged to call 208-343-COPS.

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