Here's another reason to fear losing your smart phone.  Our whole lives are on there, and now food is involved!

Taco Bell has a new app that they just unveiled yesterday, that lets you place an order and skip the line.  And the app knows when you're almost to the restaurant too, so the good people there can start getting that Doritos Locos concoction ready.  

They won't start making your food until you've arrived, but when you get about 500 feet from the restaurant you'll get a notification saying, "Looks like you've arrived. Would you like us to start preparing your food?"  Yes please!  The app is available on iPhones and Androids.

Starbucks also has a new app that's debuting in Portland soon and will probably go nationwide, and it allows us to place orders ahead of time.

Can somebody make an app that instructs a hot guy in a Chippendale's outfit to bring us our order?  That might be next.

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