Today is the official first day of fall. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to change colors and soon it'll be full on fall. Where's the best fall photo op in Boise? Or anywhere in the Treasure Valley for that matter?

In what has been a particularly strange/weird/long year, fall is a welcomed season. So maybe sports aren't as exciting as usual. No crazy nights out after a blast at a BSU game, we can't hang with people as closely as we would normally, but we can still make the best of it.

Boise has a particularly beautiful fall, and take this from someone who primarily lived in full on desert or coastal climates before coming here. It's pretty cool to see all the fall foliage and I know for a fact we're going to be re-doing engagement photos this fall (our old ones are pretty old at this point and we don't have wedding photos to replace them, 'cause 2020). So, where are some of the best places in the Treasure Valley to get some cool fall photos? The greenbelt, obviously, maybe around the capitol building. At one of our one million amazing parks.

But what's your fav? Table Rock? Probably not the best spot for engagement photos because I'm pretty beat by the time I make it up there. What's your hidden gem in the Treasure Valley? Maybe a lesser known neighborhood with beautiful spots to take fall photos? Harrison BLVD? What's your fav?

Happy fall!

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