If you have an artificial Christmas tree you're in the norm.  Two-thirds of us have the fake trees, and less than 1 in 5 go to the work of hauling a real one home on the roof of the car.

The most popular artificial tree color in Idaho is surprising!  

Treetopia says white artificial trees are the ones most people choose in America, but Idaho has a mind of its own and prefers red trees instead.

It seems like a red tree might be a great idea to try one year, but tree-buying is a commitment, and that same red tree will be waiting for us to take it out of the attic again next year too when we might not love it as much.  White lights and garland?  That does look nice.  And kinda like a Santa outfit.

Pink artificial trees are the most popular in Utah, Nebraska, Washington, and Oregon.  And people in Wisconsin like black trees the most. Most of us didn't even know black trees existed.

How long does the average artificial tree last anyway?  Around 10 years, the experts say, unless it's pre-lit and half a string of lights stops working, and then we get frustrated and throw it out much sooner.

The big box stores have plenty of artificial trees if you still need one, and Clayton Tree Farm is a good spot to buy a real one in the Treasure Valley.  Only one week left til Christmas!