Most of us deal with this conundrum every day; Should we park in the shade to keep the car cool or avoid the sap and downside of parking under the shaded spots.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

This is my car in my favorite spot at our office.  I made the choice (some might say mistake) of getting a car that has charcoal leather interior, and after sitting in the sun all day, it's certainly a warm environment for the first few minutes when I get to the car.

We have plenty of parking spots outside of the shade, but to me, the best spot is the one I've found under this older tree.  It's one of the perks of living in the City of Trees.  Having said that, you can see on my windows and the car, there's a sap (or some substance) that it seems the tree gives off and gets all over my car.

No problem, right?  Just run it through the car wash, right?  That hasn't seemed to work.  This stuff is super-turbo-uber-strong sap...or something like that.  It takes a vigorous hand wash to make progress and get the car cleaned up.

It's lead me to a crossroads.  I don't want to have to scrub my car down every week, but I hate giving up the shaded parking.  What do you do?

We do have someone in the office who seems to have figured out a solid solution.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

Maybe the next step is to purchase a car cover.