I'm on a search for things to entertain my stressed-out family during the pandemic. We're at that place where is now or never because the sibling arguments have begun. My wife is also pregnant and I'm looking for a family outlet.

Watch out Boise Fry Company, I found a tasty pickle that might host your next dining out experience if we head out east. Welcome to Pickle's Place in Arco, Idaho.

Disclaimer, I'm not a pickle connoisseur by any stretch of the means. I love a sweet pickle and my wife laughs at me. I'll grab some dill chips for some odd reason, but that's where I draw the line. I would however take my family out to the coolest restaurant that would make my family happy.

You might get breadsticks at the Olive Garden or chips with salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Not at Pickle's Place. You will start with their main attraction, the famous crispy fried pickles. Get eight of these tasty bites and you've been pickled!

Courtesy: Facebook
Courtesy: Facebook

This is a comfort style American restaurant hosting their very popular Atomic burger to a hearty omelet. I like that this is just a cool place that will have everyone taking photos of the cool green building to the green chairs. They live the pickle in every way possible at Pickle's Place.

If you're looking to go on a road trip out through Eastern Idaho and get your self in a hungry pickle, stop at Pickle's Place. Make sure to send me a message with photo tags on Kekeluv Instagram if you've been.

Pickle's Place (Home of the "Atomic" Burger)

  • Arco, Idaho 83213
  • 440 South Front Street

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