As the school year is quickly approaching it's end I want to remind all students that when your friends start talking about end of the year pranks, don't get involved. It's one more way to get in trouble and have consequences that stick with you. And parents, remind the kiddos they don't want to be grounded all summer.

When I was going to school I was a jerk. In class I was difficult to teachers by talking all the time and I always had an attitude for no reason at all. So many times I would get in trouble for pranks or just dumb decisions and the ones at the end of the year always came with the threat of the biggest punishment. Very possibly because teachers and administrators were tired of dealing with students like me after a long school year.

My senior year of high school I remember multiple kids that missed graduation because of bad decisions, that is a tough lesson to learn. Luckily, I didn't mess up that bad and graduated with my class. If you know of anyone pulling a prank, just remind them that consequences can kill your summer.

And since we're talking about pranks, here are 2 that I still laugh about from high school.

1. Hundreds of bouncy balls were released in the hallways at school during a break time. If this happens at your school find cover as quick as possible.

2. This is the most technical prank and was even featured on MTV from the high school that I graduated from. It involves wrapping a car around the flag pole then welding the car back together. Read more by clicking here, the story is so impressive.

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