I love that we are hearing so much lately about local schools doing things to benefit the students long term. It's not just about math and reading, there is so much more to learn. Just like the story I wrote last week about the Kind Kids Club at Galileo STEM Academy in Eagle.

Lincoln Elementary School in Caldwell has a new program called Girls with Goals.
It helps 5th grade girls learn, grow and prepare for the future.

Each month, the students meet for a special luncheon and listen to women guest speakers who are doing great things in our community. They talk to the girls about their future, career plans, and life in general.

They've had police officers, state teacher of the year, even the superintendent, all speak to the girls to get them excited about their future and short and long term life goals.
It's not just about guest speakers and special brunches either, the group also takes part in community service projects. This year they are holding a clothing drive for kids in need and volunteering at a preschool.

Lincoln Elementary also has a program for boys called Guys in Ties. It was the inspiration for a teacher in the school to start the girls program.

Despite the differences in generations and kids these days, these kids are listening. They are soaking up everything they are learning and they are genuinely excited to learn and plan ahead for their future and what they want in life.

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