I have outsmarted Mix 106 once again and stolen their precious Idaho Lottery Golden Egg! I'll be good this Friday and give you some pointers in your egg hunt.

The Bandit

The Idaho Lottery Golden Egg is all mine, unless you figure out where it is by 6PM! Hey Mike, you're an egghead. Here's a hint; your mailbox at the radio station is not a safe place to keep $500 worth of Idaho Lottery tickets! It's pains me that I have to explain that to you. Kate, I've forgiven you for St. Bandit's Day but you better follow the rules today. Let’s have some EGG-stream…fun..with my latest EGGstravaganza.....

  • This is a virtual scavenger hunt. You don't have to physically find the Idaho Lottery Golden Egg. Figure out where the golden egg is based on the clues.
  • The Idaho Lottery Golden Egg is hidden in the Treasure Valley (Ontario to Mountain Home and Horseshoe Bend to Melba)
  • The Easter Bandit, that's me, will call Mix 106 at 30 after each hour starting at 6am.
  • Caller #6 at 208-376-5106 each hour, when instructed to call, will get to make one guess as to the location of the Idaho Lottery Golden Egg.
  • If the Idaho Lottery Golden Egg is not found by 6PM I will keep it for myself.
  • First person to correctly guess where the Idaho Lottery Golden Egg is hidden wins, one year of Mega Millions Tickets ($125 value) and an entire pack of $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks Scratch game tickets which has a $375 value with 75 chances to win up to $50,000.
  • Incorrect clues will be posted on this page. Check back often.
  • Must be at least 18 yrs old to guess and win.
  • Winner cannot win more than once per 30 days. One winner per household.

6AM - Idaho Botanical Gardens
7AM - Lottery Commission Office
8AM - Farmstead Corn Maze
9AM - MK Nature Center
10AM - Idaho Outlet Mall
11AM - The Grove
12PM - Les Bois Credit Union by BSU
1PM - Red Feather Restaurant Downtown
2PM - Red Robin Packcenter Boulevard
3PM - Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park
4PM - Simplot Building on Federal Way