Good news and bad news... Good news: Coach Avalos has announced the format for the spring game. Bad news: It's already SOLD OUT.

Regardless of the format, Boise is ready for some football! Think about how long it's been since you got to hear the roar of the crowd at Albertson's stadium... Well, if you've got tickets to the BSU spring game, congrats, you're lucky. If you don't, well, they're sold out and we'll have to wait until fall to see some football in person.

Now, this spring game is going to look a bit different and Boise State Head Coach Andy Avalos has announced the format, here are some notable details:

"The Spring Game will feature four, eight-minute quarters, with a regular game clock. A running clock may be utilized in the second half should the Broncos reach a certain play count."

  • Offense in orange and white uniforms and helmets, defense in blue on blue

Touchdown - 6 points
Field Goal - 3 points
Explosive Play (Run +12, Pass +16) - 1 point
PAT - 1 point

Touchdown - 6 points
Turnover / 4th Down Stop - 3 points
3 & Out - 2 points
Sack - 2 points
Attempted FG Inside RZ - 4 points

This all makes sense, really and should make for interesting game for spectators to go out and see! Again, the only real bad news is that tickets are sold out. Hopefully, with the Covid-19 vaccinations becoming more and more available, by the time the fall comes around, they'll be able to fill the stadium. In the mean time, it's time to get ready for some football!

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