When a children’s Easter event goes terribly wrong.

A family Easter egg hunt ended abruptly due to trampling, trauma, stolen eggs and broken Easter baskets. The event was hosted by PEZ Candy in Connecticut.

PEZ staff said the "mess" was created after some among the 1,000 attendees ignored instructions on participating in the hunt. The hunt covered three fields, with almost 10,000 eggs hidden throughout with staggered start times planned for different age groups. This is always a good idea so there aren’t bigger kids knocking over the little ones.

Unfortunately, people chose to ignore the rules and it quickly turned into chaos. One woman said her young grandson ended up with a bloody nose from an adult and child who should have been in the 9-12 year old section as they knocked into him. Other parents were assisting their older children by rushing in and picking up eggs. PEZ staff had to end the hunt earlier than expected due to all of the commotion.

PEZ staff said they sincerely tried their best to create a fun, free activity for everyone to enjoy.

This situation reminds me of some of the sports games that my son has played. Some parents don’t know when to step back and let the kids just be kids and enjoy the moments.

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