An Oklahoma man ended up stuck in his city's sewer system for two days, all because he lost a $20 bill. The man told police he quickly got lost in the sewer system after jumping in. Unable to find an exit, the man yelled for help for two days before a group of high school students heard his cries and called police.

Daniel Berehulak /Getty Images

After removing the manhole cover in the middle of a suburban intersection, police say they couldn't believe what they saw after finding the injured man cowering in a pipe about 15-feet underground. The 42-inch pipe was so narrow, the man was forced to get around on his hands and knees and belly for the two days he was lost.

Police said the man, from Lawton, was completely disoriented dehydrated and couldn't remember, how long he'd been underground or the location of the drain pipe he initially entered.

'He had a bump on his head, he may have hit his head against a wall down there because it obviously pretty dark.The kids were observant and did right thing by calling 911, and who knows they may have saved a man's life.'


 By the way he never found his $20 bill.