Dear Mike and Nicole,

Recently my fiance got a new job that's complete opposite times as mine. I work days and he works evenings/nights. I only get to see him on his days off. I'm already in bed by the time he gets home (around 2am is when he gets home) so we can't be intimate at all.
Since we can't do anything....he takes "trips to Oklahoma" alone. It hurts my heart. Even when we had the same days off, there were days I wanted to and he didn't but yet he would take care of himself later instead of waking me up. It hurts because it feels like he wants to do that more than he wants to do things with me.
I don't do anything and I wait so that the moments are more special.....(yes I've talked to him about it but he tells me that he still loves me and cares about me and he isn't trying to hurt me and he would cut it back but he hasn't....he's done it more)
Am I wrong to feel hurt?
A broken hearted woman

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