It hasn’t happened since 2012 and who knows when it will happen again, but this spectacular event is planned for this weekend and you and your family don’t want to miss it…it’s the Lucky Peak Rooster Tail and it’s freaking amazing…

Make your plans this Saturday and Sunday, (4/22 & 4/23) because the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced their plans to discharge water from Lucky Peak from what has come to be known as the “rooster tail.” This awesome display of water power is scheduled to last for 6 hours beginning at noon an both Saturday and Sunday.

According to a story from KTVB, Lucky Peak Lake Operations Manager Matt Walker says “The water used to create the displays comes from required release rates that exceed what can be used for power generation,” The reason for the rooster tail, is that if the water was released with out being shot into the air, it would cause massive amounts of erosion due to the incredible power and pressure coming from the weight of water at the bottom of the dam. By the water being forced into the air, it lands on top of the water, dissipating some of that power and energy before it can cause any erosion damage.

Walker went on to say that the "rooster tail" has been observed reaching heights up to 150 feet in past years and the “rooster tail” is historically one of the area’s most popular attractions in the springs that the rooster tail must be used. Traffic congestion and delays are expected.

The best part of this display is that it’s free for everyone, but keep in mind due to the popularity and scarcity of it happening often, traffic and crowds will be busy and slow….so allow plenty of time to take the drive and be patient.

Lucky Peak has set up a free driving route that starts by first crossing Lucky Peak Dam then winds down behind the dam and exits through Sandy Point.

Parking is available near the end of the driving route at Sandy Point State Park or Discovery State Park where a $5 entrance fee is collected from the Idaho Parks Department.

Keep in mind free parking is very limited and will be hard to come by so plan on staying in your car. Parking is absolutely not allowed anywhere along Highway 21, along access roads to Sandy Point park or on the road across Lucky Peak dam.

To get there from Boise, travel east on Interstate 84 for about two miles, take the State Highway 21/Gowen Road exit (Exit 57), and follow Gowen Road/ Highway 21 east for 7.5 miles, passing Sandy Point, and follow event signs to cross Lucky Peak Dam.

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