I would bet I look pretty silly working out, but yesterday took the cake when I had my pants on backwards the entire time I was lifting!! At least I didn't look like this guy! 

No, I was not trying to get more attention at the gym by wearing my workout pants backwards. I looked ridiculous. Plus there was way too much room in the front. I blushed from head to toe after the cute guy lifting next to me pointed it out.

The gyms are packed with new members the first three months of the year because losing weight is the most popular resolution. I think it's great and actually silently cheer on the newbies. Working out is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It keeps me sane! So even if you look silly at the gym, stick with it. We've all done something embarrassing while working out. Consider it part of initiation :)

How have you embarrassed yourself at the gym?

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