This is news that many dog lovers are happy to hear, the owners of the Cabela's store in Boise have now removed all animal breeders from their parking lot. Unfortunately it comes at a cost, after a puppy died of parvo just days after being bought in that parking lot.

The store was first reported by the Idaho Statesman, in which the puppy's owner turned to Facebook to warn others about what happened and encouraging others to avoid the Cabela's parking lot when looking to add a furry family member.

The pup was bought on Saturday, April 6th for $600 and died Thursday. The family returned on Saturday and approached the seller in which the seller demanded to see the vet bills then acted like she couldn't speak English.

There is nothing worse than hearing a young pup go through something like this, and I feel bad for the family that bought the dog too. But this is another good reminder on why you should always adopt from a shelter or a rescue when looking for a furry family member.

Boise City Council member TJ Thomson said he has been working with the Idaho Humane Society to introduce legislation on how animals could be sold in Boise. Fingers crossed he can make this change happen quickly.

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