"Does Boise Idaho Stink?" A lot of people Google this question. So much so, that it's the 4th highest suggested search when you simply Google "Boise, Idaho." But, why?

Sure there are some areas that stink but I've certainly never thought of Boise as a particularly smelly city. Last weekend I was near Karcher and the freeway in Nampa and the wind was blowing something over with a vomit vibe but that's really the only thing I've noticed. So, why do people search this? Is there a RUMOR that Boise, Idaho stinks? Is it a weird Google algorithm thing that made this one of the TOP FOUR SEARCHES associated with Boise? I'm not entirely sure, however, it does link to a 2018 satirical article that cites there being an abhorrent amount of landfills in the city and "overflowing sewage plants". Now, this article was playful, but has it single handedly changed how Google presents Boise and do we now have a reputation for being "the worst smelling city in America"?


Either way, every city has it's charm and its downsides. Recently, we learned about Garden City's past and how it could have become Idaho's very own Las Vegas, but instead, earned the nickname "Garbage City". Once they realized that gambling would be illegal, they had to invite other businesses, like junk yards, slaughterhouses, and things that perhaps, aren't quite as glamorous as bright slot machines flinging money out of them. All that to say, while Google may associate our area with being a bit smelly, I'd say there are much smellier places!

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