Being one of the original stadiums this one holds a lot of history like Wrigley and Fenway.

In 1962 was when they opened although the Dodgers left Brooklyn in the late 50's. A fun fact I found on : "The Beatles second-to-last live performance ever took place inside Dodger Stadium on August 28, 1966". Something else that is neat that I didn't realize was that the 56,000 seats it has is the largest in the MLB. It's not one of those stadiums like Seattle or Denver where they are right in the middle of the action it is on top of a hill with parking lot all around it. There has been rumor that at some point they will develop some of that land around it and put some shops and food.


The Dodgers were playing the Padres and had already beat them the two nights previously so I knew that was most likely the outcome. I didn't realize it was going to go that fast but the Dodgers were on fire and it was done in a hurry.  


I was instantly told by my friend Justin that I went with that I had to have a dodger dog, which was just a foot long hot dog that somehow was better because it was soaking all day at Dodgers Stadium? I am not sure but for some reason it did taste better, Beer and food was cheaper then the Garth Brooks concert in Boise recently.

I really enjoyed the ease of getting in and out of the concert but the interstate heading out was busy obviously from the game.


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