This is a bummer.  I love my little city of Eagle, but apparently it's the most boring city in Idaho. And it's apparently not opinion, there's math to back it up

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Come on, Eagle has the Eagle Fun Days, the Wet and Wild parade plus the largest nut feed in the world with the Rocky Mountain Oyster feed. You've got 2 different golf courses, one of which (Banbury) is annually voted as one to the top 5 courses in Idaho.  We have some fantastic places to eat and drink and oh yeah, did I mention I live there? Really, is Eagle really more boring than Garden City?  No offense to Garden city, they showed up in the top 5, but come on, I put up my home city of Eagle against Garden City any day.

So I don't think Eagle is boring but according to not only is Eagle boring, but 5 of the top ten cities on the list are located here in the Treasure Valley. And they claim it's not opinion, they crunched the numbers and came up with a mathematical formula to get to their conclusions.

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Do you agree?


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