On Friday I had a weekend jam packed with plans, and then some of the plans fell through and I ended up with a window of free time late in the day Saturday.  I didn't want to stay home, so I went out for sushi alone.  And I had fun!

I've been single for about a year now, and in that time I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned that it's tons of fun to go on dates with guys and have girls nights out too.  But during those times when nothing much is happening and I'm facing a night at home on the couch with QVC, it's fun to put on some makeup and a maxi dress and go out alone.  I've done it before and I did it Saturday night too, and it always feels funny at first. But when I got to the restaurant and picked a seat in the bar area, I noticed there were two other women sitting there by themselves.  Yay girls!

I never felt lonely, and chatted it up with a few strangers.  And the sushi was GREAT. Maybe even better than usual, because I took more time to study the menu this time. Eventually a big group of guys showed up and congregated by the bar, and one of them ended up hitting on me.  Here's what I learned from that experience though.  If a guy tells you he's a hockey player and suggests you download the hockey team's app, and then fiddles with your phone to get the app situated, it's a ploy to save his number in your phone and he's probably not a hockey player.  But it was silly and fun and I went with it. Sometimes maybe we take all this dating stuff too seriously and just need to laugh about the weirdness.  Because there's a lot of it!

Ladies, do you feel like it's more acceptable for guys to go out for dinner alone, and women are looked down upon for it?  I do.  But I don't care and I'm going to do it anyway.  Please share your thoughts on Facebook.  And know this!  I for one think you're pretty awesome for going out alone.  You girls are brave and bold and inspiring.

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