Mike and Nicole's OPP: An Ex Carrying My Baby
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My husband and I found out that we cannot have a baby because I cannot conceive. We are now looking for a surrogate to be an egg donor and carry our baby. He suggested his ex-wife and she said she would do it.
I really don't like the idea and it's extremely awkward to e…
Mike and Nicole's OPP: Who's Your Daddy?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My wife and I have been married for almost 5 years. Ten months ago, she gave birth to our amazing child. Recently, I've been wondering if the child is mine. We're an interracial couple. My wife, who is white, has brown hair and brown eyes...
Mike and Nicole's OPP: Can a Baby Save a Marriage?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I have a problem that my wife and I are going through right now and I don’t know if our marriage will withstand it. Although, I love my wife and want to stay married.
I recently found out my wife was sleeping with her boss who also happens to be married...
My Baby's First Haircut
Cooper is 16 months and was rocking the baby mullet for a little too long. When it's clean, it curls at the bottom which I love, but after playing and naps, it gets a little crazy. So, it was time.
He did awesome! He wasn't quite sure about wearing the cape at first but it didn't take long before he …
Mike & Nicole's OPP: Dog Dilemma
Dear Mike and Nicole,
Within the last week, our doberman bit our 3 year old, in the face, causing her to get stitches.
It was quite a traumatizing event and scared me terribly. As a mother, seeing something so awful happen to your child is your worst fear...
My Friend Is Superwoman
You friend gave birth today. In her car. Then took a selfie.
She doesn't even look like she ran around the block, let alone birthed a baby! Her 6th baby was born on the way to the birthing center this morning and they just didn't quite make it...

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