Forgive & Forget: M O M
Drew needs to ask his ex-wife Alicia for forgiveness as he's accepted a job in a new city and plans to take their son with him. He knows she's not going to be happy but it's a move he needs to make. Moug & Angie help him ask for forgiveness.
Moms Should Be Making $94,000 Per Year
Moms, if you received a gift for Mothers Day that truly matched your value, you got a big fat check close to six figures. Moms roll a dozen jobs into one every day, but there's one that's worth more than all the others.
What’s The Best Mother’s Day Gift?
What level of gift is most appropriate for adult children to get their moms on Mother's Day? Are we talking just a card? Flowers? Jewelry? Afterall, it IS under two weeks away!
Mike and Nicole's OPP
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I was recently shopping with my 7 year old daughter when she saw a woman putting baby formula in her giant purse. My daughter asked me if I saw it too and I told her I did. I didn't say anything because she didn't look like she had a lot of money and it really hit me..…
We Love You Moms
Usually when the day rolls around the go to breakfast in bed or flowers and chocolates is the norm. This year though the Mix 106 Staff wanted to do something a little different for our Moms.
Mike and Nicole's OPP
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I'm pretty desperate at this point.
I'm divorcing my husband because of emotional and domestic abuse. We have a two year old together, and it's been a pretty rough battle.
We tried to work out custody between us, and it was going well, until he took him and moved from Boise to Poc…

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