Most people might know that Arco, Idaho was the first city in the world to be totally powered by nuclear power, but did you know you can tour the reactor responsible for that electric power? The best part? Tt's free!


There’s a ton of history packed into this small building in South Eastern Idaho. Considering its location, this truly an amazing place to visit if you get the chance.

It was on December 20, back in 1951, that the experimental breeder reactor or EBR-1 first started to produce electricity using atomic energy exclusively.

EBR-1 was the first reactor built in Idaho and was the actual first working power plant that ran on atomic power, not only in Idaho, but in the entire United States.

It was President Lyndon B. Johnson who dedicated EBR-I as a National Historic Landmark in 1966 and not too long afterward, the INL started allowing guided and non guided tours of the facility

EBR-1 is truly unique in that you won’t be able to experience a trip through a reactor like this anywhere outside the State of Idaho. Think of it as our own little hidden gem. Get it?? Hidden Gem...gem state? I thought it was funny!


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