Atlantic City isn't the only place you can find Boardwalks...Idaho is home to a handful of beautiful boardwalks including the longest boardwalk in the World...

That's right did you know the worlds longest boardwalk is located in Coeur d'Alene? The Hagadone Resort Boardwalk is the longest in the entire world measuring an astonishing 3300 feet, stretching over and along Coeur d"Alene Lake. It's by far Idaho's most photographed and well-known boardwalk. Features of the boardwalk include an arched night-lit bridge which can be viewed from the hotel, picnic areas and benches to have a seat and rest or enjoy the view.

There are other pretty spectacular boardwalks that come with spectacular views, such as The Upper Mesa Falls Boardwalk. (See Video Below) .... Lolo Pass boardwalk on the border of Idaho and Montana or the Silver Creek Preserve and Nature Boardwalk.

Check out the link below from for pictures and details of some of Idaho's very own boardwalks...then maybe make some plans to visit one or two this summer

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