The Water Lantern Festival is a magical experience and feels like something straight out of a fairytale! After being postponed in 2020, it's coming back to Boise this August. Thousands of family, friends, and strangers gather each year to celebrate life bringing together individuals from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. It's a pretty beautiful sight seeing thousands of lanterns lights reflecting upon the water in Julia Davis Park and being a part of a collective experience.

The Water Lantern Festival happens to be a traveling festival with locations all over the country. Mark your calendars to release your own lantern in Boise for Saturday, August 21st. Buy your tickets ahead of time for an early bird price of $25.99 until June 15th. After that regular price tickets go up to $35.99.

The price of a ticket covers the cost of collecting and removing the lanterns from the water following the event as well as cleaning up any trash that may have been previously been in or around the water.

Each adult ticket comes with the following:

- Wristband for entry into the festival area with food trucks
- Floating lantern kit
- LED candle
- Commemorative drawstring bag
- Marker
- Lantern retrieval and water clean up

Gates upon up at 6:00 pm that day and there will also be plenty of food trucks and music in the park as well. Starting at 8:30 you'll start design your lantern with whatever kind of imagery and messages you want. Lanterns will launch down the river at 9:0) and the event officially ends at 10:00.

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