The latest TikTok trend, 'devious lick' encourages kids to damage and steal from their schools. Some valley schools are speaking out against it. Here's what you should know.

Oh, TikTok. Endless entertainment, life hacks and comedy, but also a place where people can get themselves into some trouble. In this case, the latest viral challenge (not sure why it's called "Devious Lick") includes stealing and damaging school property. Unfortunately, this challenge has made its way into the Treasure Valley. Both Lake Hazel Middle School and Mountain View High School have had incidents so far, and Owyhee is trying to prevent anything from happening at their beautiful new facility.

Students will take toilet paper off of the rolls, soap out of the dispensers and dump them in the toilet, or just remove them altogether. Here's a look at what transpired in one of the restrooms at Lake Hazel Middle School:

According to our friends over at Idaho News 6, Mountain View High School students' parents received the following email:

MVHS Parents and Guardians,
We are so proud of our student population. We have the best students at MVHS. At this time, we need your help with a situation. There has been a large amount of vandalism in our bathrooms being done by a select very few. We believe this has something to do with a TikTok challenge. We are asking you to speak with your student(s) about this. We are asking for students to report anything they see as soon as possible, including any TikTok videos displaying our school. This will help us clean things quickly and do our best to catch those that are doing the vandalizing. They can report things by emailing their assistant principal or reporting concerns to the office or their teacher. They will remain anonymous. We greatly appreciate your help in this situation. We would like to work together as a community so that our school is safe and stays one of the best.

In addition to that, the brand new Owyhee High School in Meridian put out a memo that actually makes a lot of sense!

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