Pets can sometimes mean more to people than their own human family members. We get it too – many of us here at the office also have pets and some may even have photos of their pets on their desk. One family, in particular, misses their dog so much that they’re willing to pay a large sum of cash to get it back.

Was the dog actually stolen?

A family posted this description of their missing dog to Boise’s Craigslist:

Lost white husky wearing a blue ruffwear harness now thought to be STOLEN - last seen 9-4-22 around vista / canal st. He is extremely loved and missed, there is a large reward for safe return, no questions asked. Please help get this little dude home. Has distinct marking most noticable is the black line down his face.


If seen with ANYONE please call me or BPD immediately, we have an active case and many hundreds of people helping us search. We need closure of any kind as it's tearing our family apart without him.


This dog requires a lot more work then you think, please just return him.

The family is so serious about reuniting with their dog that they are now offering a staggering $3,000 reward to the person who returns their dog.

Hopefully, someone did not really steal the dog but if they did, there are now 3,000 reasons to return the dog… no questions asked.

You can check out the full posting for the missing dog here.

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