I've hated cycling for a myriad of reasons. For starters, I never seem to set up the bike properly. Once I finally figure it out and class starts, I never seem able to follow along with the instructor at the proper speed. I definitely try my hardest, but it's just not my strong suit. To make matters more anxiety inducing, the instructors love to call you out if you're not excelling. I've experienced this in at least a dozen cycling facilities. Safe to say I never go back. But a pair of friends convinced me to give Cyclebar a try, and my opinion is forever changed.

Obviously I was filled with trepidation but felt immediately welcome as soon I stepped in the door. Seriously, I was greeted by name (Still not sure how they knew it was me unless my look matched my name on the check-in list) and given a tour of the facility which concluded with a locker boasting my name on the front and the gift of a Cyclebar water bottle inside. Definitely set a positive vibe.

Then I went into the studio and the dread crept back in. How am I going to set up this bike? But before I could get in my head about it, a member of the staff came to my rescue. Obviously taking into consideration that it was my first time in class, she adjusted my bike while explaining everything and encouraging me to feel comfortable and not worry if I'm not expert level during class. To just do the best I can.

Once class started things just got better. Instruction was clear, motivating, uplifting, free of judgement. It also felt more like I was at a club or a concert than just a straight forward exercise class, which mad it go by faster. And though I ranked dead last in the class on performance, I did what was best for me and the instructor didn't shame me for it. I will absolutely be going back, especially with promotion they are running right now.

If you're a local resident your first class is just $10, and your next 2 are free! There's no reason not to give it a try. Click here to get jump on this deal before it's gone.

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