Usually when you pull up through a drive thru its a quick interaction with the employees.  You pay for your purchase and you move along and don't think anything about them for the rest of your day. I had a different experience this morning and am totally grateful for it. 

Dutch Bro's Coffee in Downtown Boise is our SPOT. And the thing I love about this location is that no matter what time you roll in the "Mafia" are happy and excited to greet you. This morning on my way in to church we stopped by to get my fix of coffee. Now the majority of the places I go to I will always greet them with a polite saying and wish them well on there day. The women I met today asked me the minute I got up to the window what my favorite cereal was. Before I could even think about what was happening we both were in a pretty friendly conversion about favorite cereals growing up.


I bring this up because once again customer service and a deeper connection with the people you are serving I feel makes such a greater impression. So kudo's to you Dutch Bros! And now this has me thinking all day today...what is your favorite cereal. The first thing that comes to your mind, lets hear it. - JD