When you go to customer service you are usually hoping to receive a solution to your problem, not flirtatious compliments. Twitter user @whtvroxana shared screenshots of an odd virtual conversation that took place between her an Amazon customer service rep.

"You are very sweet and must I say you have a very lovely name," the rep typed out. That wasn't the end of it though. The conversation continued with the rep then saying "I have good news and bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first." The customer went along with it and the rep replied, "Good news is that the seller will contact you within 24 hours with an update and order should be delivered to you on priority. Bad news is after this chat we are going to part ways."

As it turns out, other woman have experienced the same thing through Amazon!! Another girl replied to the original tweet, that she had something very similar happen to her where an Amazon rep said she was "breathtaking."

One customer service rep told one girl, "I hate to do this but my manager is giving me 5 minutes on this chat and I haven't assisted anyone else for two hours. I really really loved chatting with you today, it was truly amazing. I don't want this to end, I have enjoyed this a lot, haven't had a chat like this in forever"

This isn't normal customer behavior I think we can all agree. We can also agree that this is all pretty harmless talk but people seem to be torn on Twitter on whether this is actual flirting or not. What are your thoughts?

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