After finding out about this event last summer it quickly became my favorite event in Idaho for the 4th of July. Yes, porcupine races!

Everything about this screams small town Idaho. Kids capturing 'pines in trash cans and then racing them for money. There are rules too, last year we spoke to a lady who was involved and she was telling us about them having to be wild and caught at night I guess. This year we got the pleasure of talking with Dave Armstrong at M&W market in Council, Idaho. Dave was pleased to give us the low down on the 'pines. They capture the pines in trash cans then use brooms to brush them across the field.

The 4th of July festivities take place at the football field in Council. These are the World Championship Porcupine Races. Some people have never even seen one in real let alone in real life so here is your chance. Noon on the 4th July the 'Pines be popping in Council, or racing to the finish line.

No porcupines are hurt or injured in this event but people are. Lol

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