This is such a great concept for communities and a great resource for the kids. Meridian has a summer spot serving up treats by the kids in the area, 'The Pono Shack'.

This a great way to help keep kids busy as well as helping them grow throughout the summer. My co-worker Shaun is a great example of the modern entrepreneurial citizen, he has constant ideas and thoughts on growing business and employees. I am not sure if this was his idea but have a good feeling he had a hand in it. He posted on facebook explaining more about this awesome model that I hope others may learn from as well. Check this out:

The Pono Shack...

The Details: A shaved ice stand that is operated entirely by kids who live in our neighborhood. A flavor menu exclusively concocted by kids here as well. A unique approach to shaved ice (Candy, ice cream, bowls not cups). Finally, every employee gets a hands on education in entrepreneurship as we train in depth on sales, profit & loss, cost of goods and direct profit. [7 kids hired and growing]

One week in and we have already crushed expectations plus the parents in the community are pouring in their ideas and support. Its amazing what happens when a business is truly built for its customers.

As my 9 year old says " The Pono Shack makes the park a happy Place."

You can find sweet treats noon- 9 PM 7 days a week during summer at this community operated shaved-ice stand that is located in Fuller Park. If you need a treat this summer this is an awesome place to stop and help these kids learn great life skills as well as earning money for the summer. Is this something your community would benefit from?

Photo courtesy of Shaun Collignon TSM
Photo courtesy of Shaun Collignon TSM

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