It happens more frequently than we realize. Partly due to the fact that so many people mispronounce these words, that we start to believe the wrong way is correct! Some of these words I am genuinely shocked I have been mispronouncing my entire life.

Here's a list of the top commonly mispronounced English words:

  • asterisk: as-ter-isk, not as-ter-ik
  • athlete: ath-leet, not ath-a-leet
  • candidate: kan-di-dayt, not kan-i-dayt
  • disastrous: di-zas-tres, not di-zas-ter-es
  • etcetera: et-set-er-a, not ek-set-er-a
  • larvae: lar-vee, not lar-vay
  • library: li-brar-y, not li-bar-y
  • mischievous: MIS-che-vus, not mis-CHEE-vee-us
  • nuclear: noo-klee-ur, not noo-kyu-lur
  • nuptial: nup-shul, not nup-shoo-al
  • picture: pik-cher, not pit-cher
  • prescription: prih-skrip-shun, not per-skrip-shun
  • prerogative: pre-rog-a-tive, not per-rog-a-tive
  • probably: prob-a-blee, not prob-lee
  • Realtor: reel-ter, not ree-la-ter
  • supposedly: su-pos-ed-lee, not su-pos-ab-lee
  • ticklish: tik-lish, not tik-i-lish
  • triathlon: try-ath-lon, not try-ath-a-lon

This led me to think about the words that I have a hard time pronouncing. Not because they are difficult to spell or pronounce, simply the fact that my mouth won't allow me to say the word correctly. For example, rural. I can spell it. I can say it in my mind. But, once it tries to come out of my mouth, it sounds more like roo-roo.

Another one for me, brewery. I don't exactly know what makes this one so difficult, but it usually sounds like bru-ee.

What words from the list above have you been mispronouncing? Are there any words you find difficult to say out loud?

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