The first thing you learn when moving to the Treasure Valley is that it is Boy-see, not Boy-zee when pronouncing our state's capitol. There are a lot of other names out of towners and newcomers tend to mispronounce, so here's your official guide to getting it right!

I've been here for 4 1/2 years now, and it's taken me a long time to figure everything out.

Kuna  = KYOO-na

Buhl = Byool


Filer = FILE-rrr

Declo = DECK-loh

Moscow = MOSS-coh

Athol = ATH=ull

Hagerman = HAY-ger-min

Coeur d'Alene = CORE-duh-lane

Kootenai = Koo-ten-ee

Weippe = Wee-eye-p

When in doubt, this little song from our sister station in Twin Falls will help you out.

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