Ix106 is hooking you up with the biggest and BEST concerts. When we announced Maroon 5...er..sorry bandit..Aroon 5 and Tove-Lo people went CRAZY! From the personal texts to emails all asking where can we get tickets and when do they go on sale.

Well now here is YOUR chance. Clue Or Concert!!! The Bandit's "M" still has yet to be found...so we are giving you a choice..get a personal clue only for you when you hear the cue to call OR tickets to this once in a lifetime show at Taco Bell Arena next October. WOW. Even Donald Trump would have to agree this is HUGE! Hear the cue to call..be caller 6 at 376-5106 and make that choice!

Want an even bigger reason to join the ix12 Listeners Club?? When you join we will give you the times to listen for the cue! A lil extra love for the #12

Best of luck from ix106!