Mix Giving You Great Seats To The Hottest Concerts
This Summer is right around the corner. That means tons of pool time, taking your chances on the Boise River, and amazing concerts. Instead of planning that road trip to other cities to see some of your favorite bands, we have the solution. See your Summer Playlist....LIVE with Mix106.
Choose Wisely CLUE or Concert
Ix106 is hooking you up with the biggest and BEST concerts. When we announced Maroon bandit..Aroon 5 and Tove-Lo people went CRAZY! From the personal texts to emails all asking where can we get tickets and when do they go on sale...
Adam Levine: Impressionist?
What doesn't Adam Levine do well?  He's a great singer, he's got the TV show The Voice, he's got his ultra-hot status with the ladies, and he's also a great...impressionist?