Have you tried the newest sensation which is delivery of warm cookies and milk? There are now two companies that are scattered throughout the Treasure Valley that deliver and all they do is make cookies.

Here in the Treasure Valley we have Chip Cookies and Crumbl Cookies, what started just downtown quickly became a valley wide concept. I have tried Chip but not Crumbl so I am curious from someone who has tried both or just one. I have heard that the sugar cookies at Crumbl are awesome.  I know there is a Chip Cookies coming to Meridian as well.

Chip is known for their chocolate chip and Crumbl for their Sugar cookie, but both companies rotate different kinds in the mix as well as ones they have consistently. They are both about to be reachable in all locations I imagine. Which one is better though? The days of getting hot cookies and milk delivered, I am just stoked we are at this point in life.




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