Excluding apartments and townhomes, this is the cheapest 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rental on the market in the Treasure Valley, and it'll cost ya $1400 per month!

Doesn't it seem like not that long ago, you could get a pretty nice 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house for just $1000-$1100? The real estate landscape here in the valley has certainly changed over the last few years and while it's becoming increasingly more difficult to buy a home due to the high purchase costs, for those who own homes and are renting them out, there is some significant income potential in it.

For me, I rent a home in Meridian and after one year, it went up by $100 per month and while that's a bummer, I definitely understand it. This particular home, which has the lowest asking price for a 3 bedroom house rental in Boise, happens to be in a pretty good location near Boise State University, and also close to Downtown Boise.

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It doesn't appear that there is a garage anywhere on the property of this house, but there is a shed in the fenced in back yard which could certainly come in handy if you need some extra storage space. The total square footage is 1148.

If you edit your search filter and search for rentals between $1600-$1700, you'll find a lot more inventory, this seems to be about the average for 3 bedroom, 2 bath rentals here in the Treasure Valley, particularly in the Meridian and Kuna areas of the valley. If you'd like more on the listing featured in this article, click here.


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