When you ask someone from Boise what they love about the City of Trees, they'll mention the scenery, the food, and likely, how close everything is to one another especially if you're hanging out in downtown Boise. One particular home near downtown Boise is making some serious dough solely on location.

Location, location, location

We stumbled across a property that at first glance, doesn't seem like it's worth the price tag of $1,129 per night. For that kind of money, you can put yourself in a fancy hotel or a much larger rental home than the 2 bed, 1 bath you'll get with this property.

That being said, this home does have its perks, it's cozy, and yes... it is close to everything. Still, it may be hard for someone to look at the photos of the home and justify spending over $1,100 per night. Regardless, there are plenty of positive reviews on the home that praise everything from the coziness, the supplies available, and yes, the location.

As a matter of fact, barring a few random weekends, the property doesn't have any booking availability until October so you'll need to plan ahead.

Let's see what $1,129 per night will get you in Boise on Vrbo.com.

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