A fishy day is the best day in my opinion. This time of year is great for fly fishing in our area.

We arrived to a pond in the Treasure Valley that has Bass, Crappie, Pumpkin Seeds, Carp, and Catfish. The number of ponds and lakes in the area are a great outlet for folks in the area. The weather was hot and the temps heated up to the 80's fast. Actually a guy with a temp reader said the water was 82 degrees and it was about 11 am.

We loaded in our floatation devices and started off. We weren't there 20 minutes on the water and my friend Devon caught a nice bass that he shortly after fighting lost it. Then it started turning on and I caught about 5 in an hour. Some other folks there caught a catfish and carp. Sometimes you never know what you might pull up in ponds.




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